Product photography

Portray items in their best light

A wristwatch doesn’t smile, a flower vase has no glowing lights – but these items have their own unique appeal. As a professional photographer, I recognise the special qualities in everyday objects and make them visible to the beholder. From expensive diamond rings to simple candles, I portray items in their best light.

Purposeful product photos or photographic artworks

The sales manager of an online watch shop expects powerful photos of his watches for his web shop. All the important details need to be illustrated. On the other hand, the owners of a diamond studded watch are looking for a photographic work of art. You are not interested in these details.  Even in product photography, the customer’s wishes are really varied. iphotography provides you with both: the compelling product photo and photographic work of art.

A table is a table – or is it?

‘A table is a table’ is the name of a short story by Peter Bichsel. It tells the story of an old man with a life that never changes – a table always remains a table. As a product photographer I see it differently. Using photography, I can make the exact same table appear completely different: powerful and dominant on one occasion, small and insignificant on another. From cold professionalism to artistic passion, you will find the full range of emotions represented in my product photos. I will let you decide and will make your photographic wishes come true.

Puristic photo or spectacularly arranged image

Product photographs provide endless opportunities for digital post editing. Sharpness, contrast, brightness and saturation can almost be adjusted at will on the screen. Some people want puristic photos without any interference, others want spectacularly arranged images. What’s important to me: you receive the exact type of photos that you ordered.

And finally, a tip for hobby photographers

You would like to photograph, for example, your wooden figure collection or your most beautiful pieces of jewellery. You should always use a tripod. As soon as you begin to experiment with aperture, time and external light, time flies by and your camera becomes increasingly heavy.

Thanks to tripods, you can photograph for sustained periods and from every possible angle without becoming tired or suffering from back pain.

Above all, pay attention to three things when using a tripod:

  1. Extended height: If you are also taking photographs of people, then the tripod should be extendable up to 180cm so that you can always photograph at eye-level.
  2. Stability: Check the stability of your tripod at every extension level and on every surface, even if you have mounted the heaviest lens on the camera.
  3. Weight: If you only use the tripod at home then weight is not a major factor. But if you are carrying it back and forth, then additional kilos quickly become evident.

Do you have any questions about product photography? Would you like me to photograph something for you?

I would be pleased to explain the options to you.

Please call me or send me an e-mail, I look forward to hearing from you.