Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer – capture that perfect Moment


A good wedding photographer is ahead of their time – gone in the blink of an eye. They can anticipate what’s coming and press the button at the right moment. The perfect moment was visible for a split second. Everyone noticed it, but the photographer was able to capture it on film. Every wedding celebration or wedding ceremony is just as unique as the bride and groom. Whether the air around you is filled with the sound of violins and you are able to embrace everyone in happiness, or you are smiling at one another and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes – professional photos capture the most joyous moments for you.

Wonderful and sophisticated wedding photographs

As a photographer, it is wonderful to photograph wedding celebrations – and challenging. Everyone is in a good mood, and the conversations are in full flow. The bride and groom have high expectations of getting the perfect photos of the perfect day – and rightly so. The day is a one-off, never to be repeated. It’s even more important to have photos that will rekindle those happy, reflective and lively moments.

Naturally, you can assign an amateur to take your wedding photographs. This normally leads to some good photos. But there is no guarantee of this. A professional photographer gives you the assurance that all the key moments are captured, and that you receive charming photos. Enjoy the day and look forward to your photos.

Good planning, better photos

Beautiful photos have a lot to do with good planning: We will have a preliminary meeting to determine the key moments for you and what kind of photos you would prefer. Would you prefer a close-up of two hands touching tenderly as the wedding rings are placed gently on one another’s fingers? Or is it more important to capture the crowd atmosphere? Your wish is my command.

Likewise, you should tell me whether you want me to deliberately stage some photos or if this should be left to chance. Both approaches can lead to wonderful photos – they are just different. Together we will find the best solution for you.

Beautiful photos in bad weather

The forecasters have predicted lovely weather for Zurich but, unfortunately, God has other ideas. Whether up above on the Uetliberg Mountain, on the Greifensee or in downtown Zurich, it is nicer to photograph – or to be photographed – whenever the sun is shining, as opposed to when it’s pouring with rain. Naturally, I hope that you have unbroken sunshine but I have nevertheless prepared a Plan B just in case. By the way, did you know that it’s also possible to take incredibly atmospheric photos when the weather is wet and cloudy?

Suitable photographic equipment for every location

Whether you are getting married in a church, at a registry office or in a wooded green. You are celebrating by hosting an opulent dinner party in the ballroom of a Grand Hotel or in a rustic log cabin. You have made a choice that suits you. And I will bring the appropriate equipment with me for taking excellent photos in any location and in all light conditions. Let me surprise you.

And finally, a tip for hobby photographers

The evening is long, your flash is in constant use and the batteries and their respective power pack quickly run out. Take twice as many batteries with you than you had planned. Nothing is more annoying than being let down by your batteries at a wonderful key moment. Change the batteries or power pack at the first sign of low charge. Otherwise, your flash will undoubtedly fail at the next key moment, which you certainly didn’t want to happen…

Do you have any questions or uncertainties – or would you like to make a booking?

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