Photoshooting Zürich

Mysterious. Temperamental. Stylish.

Your photo shoot in Zurich!

Rather fiery and temperamental or cold and mysterious? Maybe just plain serious? Whatever effect you are looking for, iphotographer sets the scene for your professional photo shoot. And always with style in mind.

For a photo shoot in my tastefully furnished photo studio in Zurich / Glattbrug, everything is possible, from professional CV photos to extensive beauty and fashion shoots and compelling product photos. There are no limits to your imagination.

Preliminary meeting to discuss your photo shoot in a relaxed setting

You are investing time, money and passion, so clearly you want as many great photos as possible from your photo shoot – me too. Therefore, we will take time in advance to discuss the possible options in a relaxed environment.

Do you have a particular theme or a special location in mind? Would you like to set the scene using different outfits?  Or would you prefer to be inspired by my ideas? What would you say to an alluring headpiece or a stylish scarf? The right accessories often make the difference between a good photo and an excellent one. And if everything needs to run perfectly, I will gladly organise a professional make-up artist for you.

Wonderful photos are not created by chance

Some models are bubbling with ideas, pose, flirt with the camera and the photos turn out great. Others like to work to plan, rely on the photographer to give precise instructions – and the photos turn out just as nice. As an experienced photographer, I can get a sense for what you need and I am equally flexible. Wonderful photos are not created by chance, they are the result of the chemistry between the photographer and the model, the interplay between photographic artisanry and the feel for the unusual.

Choose and optimise the very best photos

Countless photos are produced every hour by a photo shoot. The lovely task of choosing the very best photos remains with you. Naturally, I will gladly support you in doing this. Subsequently, I will optimise the selected photos using professional photo editing software and integrate special effects as desired. You can look forward to your personalised and really special photos.

Professional CV photos – quality makes a difference

In your opinion, how important is a professional CV photo? I will show you a comparison: Imagine you are visiting an online shop, for example,, and you are deliberating between two similar products. Effectively, there is hardly any difference between them but one is being presented with attractive photos and the other with blurred images. Which one would you put your faith in? Which one would you buy? Make a 1:1 comparison with your CV and you will understand the difference that a professional photo can make.

And finally, a tip for hobby photographers

When taking photos at home, or taking holiday snapshots, you should always remember one basic rule whenever you are photographing people: Take the photographs at eye-level. If the camera is positioned higher than the person being photographed, then they will appear smaller and more frail than they are in reality. Depending on what height you are photographing from, their legs will shrink into short, unattractive stumps. Whereas if you take a low-angle shot of the model, then the photos will appear from a «top-down» perspective, perhaps even a little overpowering. Therefore, if necessary, you should stand on a chair, kneel down or even lie down on the floor like a baby. Your photos will turn out better.

Do you have any questions about photo shoots? Would you like precise information?

I would be pleased to explain the options to you.

Please call me or send me an e-mail. (link to contact page), I look forward to hearing from you.